Oct. 1

SSDI - Social Security Disability Insurance

In order to be eligible to receive social security disability (SSD) benefits, you must meet the qualifications for one of the disability programs offered by the federal social security administration:

1) SSD, also referred to as social security disability insurance (SSDI), or 2) supplemental security income (SSI).

Both SSD and SSI programs are governed by the social security administration, and both are meant to offer financial assistance to those who are disabled. However, past work history and earnings, as well as the value of your current assets, will determine if you are qualified to apply for benefits under either program.

Sep. 20

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

In almost every case where a driver is arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Texas, regardless of which state issued his driver's license, he will have two cases to contend with.

The DWI arrest obviously results in criminal charges, but what many drivers do not realize is that their arrest for DWI has also initiated a second case against them, a civil proceeding against their driving privileges. This second case is called an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) proceeding, and it is initiated by either a citizen's refusal to submit to breath or blood testing, or alternatively, by a citizen's alleged failure of a breath or blood test.

Sep. 4

New Beginnings

Today, a new chapter in my practice begins as I have taken the first step into the world of my own solo law firm. This is the first day in business for J. Brandt Thorson, PLLC at 606 E. Methvin, Longview, Texas 75601.

It has been 8 years and four months since I clicked the refresh button on my web browser for what was probably the 500th time that day and learned that I passed the Texas Bar Exam. It was May 3, 2004, also my 25th birthday. A short after I learned of my passing results, I sent a page to Bill Jennings, the Gregg County District Attorney at the time, and he called me back and let me know that was officially hired to work in his office. I moved to Longview from Houston two weeks later. I was out of school and a licensed attorney, but I know now that I was only just beginning to learn what it meant to be a lawyer and what the practice of law is all about.